Chemo Breakfast Bars

It is difficult to eat with both arms hooked up to an IV: with the double whammy of a drip on both left and right, you need something portable, tidy, and absolutely full of nutrients. When eating is tricky, every mouthful has to absolutely count. (And, if you aren’t really eating, because you are so tired and stressed that everything tastes of ash- which is a true thing that happens, by the way- the same applies.)

So I found these bars. And they were (almost) perfect.

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Slow Lane Aubergine

An aubergine dip thing: salty, smoky, a little sweet, a little rich, a little sharp. And quick, and so absurdly easy! So absurdly easy I felt a little guilty for writing this recipe up like this, but I am trying to leave all my guilt and stress and grief in the lockers and write and swim without it. Just for a while. So here we are: an aubergine dip. We ate it spread on flatbreads with some spring onion, and it was beautiful. Just right for early damp summer.

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Practically Medicinal Doughnuts

I was at the sexual health clinic, and I was thinking about doughnuts.

I was at the sexual health clinic because my friend Caroline had asked me to go with her to acquire the morning-after pill. Everyone should have a friend who would invite them to the sexual health clinic, and everyone should have a friend who would go with them: Caroline is mine (both ways). So we were at the sexual health clinic, and we were thinking about doughnuts.

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