Ophelia Pie

She hears there’s tricks i’ the world, and hems, and beats her heart, spurns enviously at straws, speaks things in doubt that carry but half sense. This, then, is a pie of half-sense, and of remembering. Bake it, and remember. I was all out of pansies, and I haven’t seen a columbine in years, and cooking with rue seemed foolish: but the other things are there, and they are very good.

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Look How Sane I Am Mussels

Mussels demand the absolute commitment to food that is the hallmark of all the best dinners: hands-on murder, hands-in devouring, and plenty of wine. You can’t eat mussels half-heartedly. These are the best mussels I have eaten, ever, and a team effort from Tall Man and me. Also featuring chorizo, excellent wine, and some incredible cheeses. Very quick. Very delicious. Very, very easy.

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