The Lazy Girl’s Hummus

Has there ever been a more middle class title than The Lazy Girl’s Hummus? I suspect not, but I’m too fond of it to change it: besides, I have herbs on the windowsill and am ordering a sofa from IKEA. I couldn’t deny the charges if I tried. I am both middle-class and lazy, and this hummus is good at both. (Bonus: secret recipe for absolute cheat’s hummus, and a picture of some flowers)

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Just-Seared Salmon & Strike Me Pink Salad

Outside it’s very dark, and this is the brightest, cleanest, newest supper. I’ve been reading a lot of Mary Poppins: I think she’d approve of how pink this dish is. Pink as lollipops, as Michael Banks would say- pink, purple, silver and gold. And very good for you, also.

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