This blog has three main morals, and I urge you to remember them and apply them liberally.
1. Salt your pasta water.
2. If in doubt, butter.
3. Keep going.

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This is me. I’m Ellabell: Bell to my friends, Ella to my enemies, Ellabell to everyone else.

The cooking you will find on this site is all the kind of cooking you can do a little bit drunk. It’s the kind of cooking that is probably better if you’ve got a bottle of wine open. It’s the kind of cooking that will forgive you if you forget about it for a little while. It’s the kind of cooking that is not really about measurements, because where are the scales when you need them, and who even owns a measuring jug. It’s the kind of cooking that wants you to be just a little bit fat. It’s the kind of cooking that’s there for you, when you come home, pink-nosed from walking. It’s the kind of cooking that makes everything feel okay. It’s the kind of cooking that saved my life.

It’s the kind of cooking that lets you have a panic attack in the middle. It’s the kind of cooking that lets you stop, and breathe, and count to ten. It’s the kind of cooking that doesn’t mind if you’re mental.

I don’t know if the world is ready for a cooking/mental health crossover blog, but this is one. There’s going to be a book, too, coming out from Bloomsbury in 2017 (if I ever finish writing it).

This is entirely thanks to my agent, Daisy Parente at Lutyens & Rubinstein, and if you want me to write something in a formal sort of way (especially if you want me to do an advice column; I am desperate to do an advice column) please contact her. She’s wonderful, and very efficient, and very nice.

Here is a bonus picture of my Tall Man as a baby, gnawing on a goose bone, as a reward for reading this far:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 21.02.18

Some Things People Have Said About This Blog:

“The best food blog on the internet.”- Joanne Harris (author of Chocolat and a million other novels, obviously)

“More skill and feeling in one of her recipes than in whole novels.”- Sarah Perry (After Me Comes The Flood; The Essex Serpent)

“I read almost the whole of  Ella Risbridger’s last night & for those of you who don’t know, it’s a complete delight.”- Olivia Laing (To The River; The Road To Echo Spring)

“Achingly lovely- I can’t recommend Ellabell’s blog highly enough. It’s the loveliest, most comforting thing.”- Daisy Buchanan, agony aunt for Grazia (!!).

“I’m a here-you-have-to-read-this fan.”- Alyssa Harad (Coming To My Senses)

“Gorgeous, vital, messy. A tonic.” – someone sent me this privately, and I feel like it would be rude to assume they wanted to say it publicly, but I also feel that it’s too nice a compliment for me to leave off. Also, it’s everything I want the blog to be.

“Everybody should make this chicken.”-everyone

If you have more than 140 characters worth of things to say, you can find me at ellabell [at] eatingwithmyfingers.com.

[January 2016 update: My partner, the Tall Man, currently (?) has (?) cancer, which is why I’ve slowed down posting here. We’ve been raising money for Anthony Nolan, the stem-cell registry, and you can give them your money here. I’d like that. Recipes abound on Twitter, and if you want to know how to cook something, ask me! I’ll either know, or I’ll make a guess that sounds convincing and probably tastes good.] 

6 responses to “About

  1. Ellabell you write utterly beautifully and I think your blog deserves something more permanent. I’m a literary agent and I would love to try to get you a book deal. Do email me! Congratulations on the best food blog around. Best Jane Turnbull

  2. Hello Ellabel, I found your blog via the lovely Kate at ‘The little library’ blog. I just wanted to say how much your words about your experience of panic and anxiety have meant to me. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day myself, filled with nausea and sickness and anxiety and panic, I read one of your posts and the words in it ring true, so true. Thank you for writing. x
    PS I mentioned one of your posts on my own blog and quoted parts and gave my readers the URL of both the post and your blog, so they could read you for themselves. I hope that’s okay! If you’d like to see what I wrote, you can find it at https://twentyonewordsblog.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/coming-unstuck.

  3. While searching for recipes for Scotch eggs, (are they called that in the U.K.?) I decided what I really wanted was the marvelous pork pie from Danny, the Champion of the World. Somehow I found your blog, and fell in. I managed to pull myself away to finish making dinner, but found I was very, very worried about your Tall Man. Now that supper is in the oven, I came back to the computer and found his blog, and I am greatly relieved that he seems to be in remission. Thank you for letting the world look into your lives, for sharing your perspectives on food and life, and for telling us of the adventure in which you made a pork pie at 11 p.m. I wish you and your Love all the best.

  4. Hoping this is how I email you at your blog. Am so glad you are doing what you need to, in order to care for yourself. And I am also glad you have friends that buy you cake. It is hard to express how much I hope everything turns around for you, (and for the Tall Man), especially since we don’t know each other. But I think I speak for many when I say we are pulling for you both and wish you both nothing but the best….

  5. Hi Ella, andypee here, I saw your recent twitter posts and thought I’d say that I’m still thinking of you both and I hope that you can find the light at the end of that tunnel. All the Best, Andy P

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