Slow Lane Aubergine

An aubergine dip thing: salty, smoky, a little sweet, a little rich, a little sharp. And quick, and so absurdly easy! So absurdly easy I felt a little guilty for writing this recipe up like this, but I am trying to leave all my guilt and stress and grief in the lockers and write and swim without it. Just for a while. So here we are: an aubergine dip. We ate it spread on flatbreads with some spring onion, and it was beautiful. Just right for early damp summer.

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Practically Medicinal Doughnuts

I was at the sexual health clinic, and I was thinking about doughnuts.

I was at the sexual health clinic because my friend Caroline had asked me to go with her to acquire the morning-after pill. Everyone should have a friend who would invite them to the sexual health clinic, and everyone should have a friend who would go with them: Caroline is mine (both ways). So we were at the sexual health clinic, and we were thinking about doughnuts.

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Look How Sane I Am Mussels

Mussels demand the absolute commitment to food that is the hallmark of all the best dinners: hands-on murder, hands-in devouring, and plenty of wine. You can’t eat mussels half-heartedly. These are the best mussels I have eaten, ever, and a team effort from Tall Man and me. Also featuring chorizo, excellent wine, and some incredible cheeses. Very quick. Very delicious. Very, very easy.

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