Post-Incident Pea-Parmesan Pasta

This is comfort food at its most simple: both in terms of taste, and in terms of process. It is so simple I almost think it’s silly to write a recipe, but perhaps you’ve had this kind of day, too, and perhaps you need a very simple, pretty nursery tea. Just right for a person cooking one-handed.

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Primavera Eighty-Six (Chicken, White Truffle and Broccoli Broth)

My friend Caroline wrote about how she will be at sixty-one, and I wrote about being eighty-six. When I am eighty-six I will eat broth from a bone china bowl: plump chicken poached slowly, drizzled with the very tiniest drops of white truffle oil, broccoli steamed with lemon and salt.

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The Lazy Girl’s Hummus

Has there ever been a more middle class title than The Lazy Girl’s Hummus? I suspect not, but I’m too fond of it to change it: besides, I have herbs on the windowsill and am ordering a sofa from IKEA. I couldn’t deny the charges if I tried. I am both middle-class and lazy, and this hummus is good at both. (Bonus: secret recipe for absolute cheat’s hummus, and a picture of some flowers)

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